Body Positivity

“I am not my hair

I am not this skin

I am not your expectations, no (hey)

I am not my hair

I am not this skin

I am the soul that lives within”

This was best said by the famous singer India Arie. What does she mean by these lyrics?  The famous singer lets us know that she is much more than just her looks; she is the person that lives within. So, I ask why does body image matter, what type of issues does it cause, and what is self-esteem? Are there ways we can change these issues and how can we uplift each other?  

Body image is best described as how a person views their body and how they look at themselves. Body image and self-esteem go hand in hand because those who have a negative body image tend to have a lower self-esteem. Self –esteem can best be described as how you feel about yourself do you feel as if you are confident or have confidence.  

Body image and self-esteem are some things that matter because it can cause so many problems in youth and grown adults. It can oftentimes cause many different eating disorders as well as depression and other mental and physical issues. This is a topic that matters to me because it could possibly save a person’s life. I can relate to this topic personally because growing up I had low self-esteem and was very self-conscious about my body and the way that I looked. In the back of my head I always wondered what people thought of me, and were they staring at me. This personally caused me a lot of problems. I would constantly put myself down and would often go home and cry and beat myself up on the inside. Being teased on top of all of those things made the situation no better. To me receiving a compliment from someone I would just shoot it down and never accept it because of all of the things that I have been through.  

It took a lot for me to be to the point that I am at today. It took a lot of building myself up and ditching the unhealthy relationships that were just physical.  These things can tear a person down and leave an internal bruise on a person’s life. I hope to bring awareness to this issue and help put a stop to these issues. This will help motivate someone that may deal with these things and support those that are going through this and encourage them to seek help or talk to someone as well as help show the signs of someone who may go through these things.  

As some of us may know, body image is something that a lot of young girls struggle with. There are many effects that have a huge impact on body image. I believe that body image is something that becomes very common whenever you are in the first or second grade. Working in an elementary school you tend to see these certain things in younger children. Children feel as though they must look a certain way or portray a certain type of image to fit in because they saw it on social media or in a magazine. Whenever a certain image is often portrayed in magazines and or television it places a certain type of stigma in their head of having to look a certain way to fit in or to feel good about themselves. Often this has something to do with the media how they portray a certain type of image.  

According to Body Image Statistics: Body Image Facts For Men & Women Whenever it comes to the statistics of men and women body image, women tend to be affected more by their body image than men. Less than fifty percent of men were concerned about their body image. Whereas with girls the number was significantly greater. The numbers tend to be higher for women than men are due to women wanting to appear like other women shown in the media. This is not to say that men cannot have a negative body image because they certainly can.  

Not only does the media play a major role in bringing a negative effect on body image so does having eating disorders.  

As I continue on with this blog I will explain and talk about eating disorders, and how having a negative body image can cause eating disorders. I will also discuss self-esteem and how we can uplift each other and empower one another, I will also discuss bullying because it plays a role in having a negative body image for some people. 

 So, continue to follow me weekly to see what’s up and coming and to read about problems that I have also faced with these types of issues. This blog is meant to bring awareness to these types of issues. If you have any suggestions please feel free to make suggestions. Remember positive vibes only! Stay tuned! 


Linardon, Jake. “Body Image Statistics: Body Image Facts For Men & Women [2020].” Break Binge Eating, Break Binge Eating, 21 Jan. 2020, 

(“India Arie – I Am Not My Hair Lyrics”)

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